When to go?

In short and in truth it does not really matter!

Here a few considerations:

  • Basically there are 2 ‘rainy seasons. The so called ‘long  rains’ from March to May and the ‘short rains’ in October/November. However it  should not be read into the terms that during this period it does nothing else but  rain. Indeed it can be pleasant during both these seasons..
  • The implications of traveling in the rainey seasons are that  it might be a bit cloudier with occasion rains. The grass will be longer and  greener but sometimes wildlife spotting can therefore be a bit more difficult.
  • Travel during the rains is generally quieter and of course a  little cheaper. I have traveled in beautiful May weather and been the only  person at several lodges.
  • In the rainy season some Park trails may be more difficult  to negotiate but this is your guides problem!
  • The coast is hotter and more humid ..but not unpleasantly so  with temperatures averaging no higher than 82C in February, March and April the  hottest months.

The Equator

Kenya  sits on the equator and you may well cross it a few times. The varied altitude  on which many of the Parks sit makes for surprisingly moderate temperatures and  a pleasant climate. The early colonialists choose the settlements wisely! Nairobi has daytime  temperatures averaging 73F in the day down to 64F at night. The temperatures at  night at altitude are refreshing with Mountain Lodge offering a hot water  bottle on  visit!


Generally, although not exclusively, with East African  Experience the term ‘low season’ means from April 1st to May 31st….occasionally  longer. The ‘high season’ is the rest of the year and any major holidays

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