Where can I find information about health issues in East Africa?

Whilst few travelers report problems and hygiene standards  in the accommodations are good it is a good idea to take advice and speak to  your Doctor to confirm what vaccinations and malaria protection you should  consider and what vaccination certificates you need.  The US Department of Health and Human  Services have lots of information and advise.    Your can look at their web site at www.cdc.gov/travel.

Food quality at hotels and lodges is very good; the cause of  most minor ailments tend to be the sun, heat, altitude and alcohol.  So take a hat, drink the water supplied, take  it easy when at higher elevations and avoid excessive amounts of alocohol.

What about AIDS?

AIDS is a serious problem in much of Africa,  however it is very seldom a problem for visitors and one should take the same  precautions as elsewhere in the world or at home. Hotel and lodges that we use  have good “western” quality and standards.  AIDS is having a devastating effect on the economies  of many countries, removing many from the workforce and place a huge burden  upon public health services.

Where can I find information about Passports and Travel  Advisories?

The US Department of State maintains a web site,  www.travel.state.gov that gives lots of current information about travel in  every country and lots more.

You must have a valid passport, sufficient validity  remaining and blank pages for visas.  It  is suggested that you apply for your visas in advance of your trip.

Should I take travel insurance?

Yes!  Your trip is a  great investment, but the unexpected can occur.

Where can I find out about currency exchange rates?

Look at www.oanda.com for the latest rates.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes, we accept most major cards.

Currency Questions

Many establishments and shops take credit cards, however,  many do not!  Also take travellers checks  and your ATM card as aother option and have cash with you.  Keep small denomination notes as change can  be a problem.  You will also need money  for depature taxes…at the time of writing $50.

What should I take?

Travel light is the first rule!  Please ask us for our list.

Is it safe?

See the section above about Travel Advisories.  The vast majority of visitors never have any  problems at all.  Africans are generally  enthusiastically friendly and genuinely interested in visitors, do learn from  this opportunity.  Many are however very  poor so normal common sense rules apply.   Our tours do not travel after dark, not least because you cannot see (!), bumpy roads,  but also as a precaution.  Avoid taking  and displaying obviously expensive jewelley and the like.

Use hotel safe boxes etc and keep a photocopy of your  passport etc – just in case you loose them as it will help in tackling the  replacement process.

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