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Find Out More About      Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar or  Rwanda

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When is a good time to visit the East African region? In short and in truth it does not really matter. Generally, although not exclusively, with East African   Experience the term ‘low season’ means from April 1st to May 31st….occasionally   longer. The ‘high season’ is the rest of the year and any major holidays.

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What else is there besides the animals? In East Africa there is a wealth of history and culture.

History & Culture

The history of the region in it’s colonial days is fascinating.  In Karen, a suburb of Nairobi you can catch a glimpse of some of the houses and churches of the time. Another interesting place to visit is Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site outside Nakuru. It was there that  Louis Leakey in the  1920s unearthed a rich source of Neolithic fossils, tools, and  Iron Age artifacts.  Equally in the Serengeti you can visit a museum explaining his work.  On the Indian Ocean the ethnicity of people is even more diverse with a strong Middle Eastern infleunce

The Scenery

Kenya’s flora is considered  exotic and unique to the traveler from Europe or America. Kenya’s indigenous forests have no  less than 50 species, fully double that of any North American forests. At  sea level, the coast is a tropical paradise. Three hundred miles of white sand  beach meet stunning turquoise blue waters and lush tropical trees and brilliant  floral gardens.


Throughout Nairobi  and its suburbs, there are a range of supermarkets, shopping centers, large  open markets and city stores. The largest shopping centers are the Sarit  Centre, a very modern mall in Westlands, the YaYa Center  near Hurlingham and the Village Market in Gigiri.  Elsewhere, across the region wayside craft and other shops abound.  Remember that bartering is the norm.

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