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100_4343East Africa Experience has been formed out of a desire to encourage more people to travel and experience the region, at a value for money price, in a way that helps the local economy and the understanding of this part of Africa.

From our experience and study, trips to Africa are often prohibitively expensive. It need not be so. We want to make it possible for you to experience the wonder of seeing lions and elephants in their natural environment without having to mortgage the future. To experience is to learn and learning about the animals, the people and the countries will lead to helping them. Helping them survive, develop and prosper.

We have had the good fortune to live in various countries and travel extensively around the world, having been in the wonderful travel business for over 20 years, but it is the magnificent East African region that keeps drawing me back the most.


The Destination

It is exotic, its scenery is certainly breathtaking, its wildlife is broad in species and it is accessible too, it is exciting and requires some preparation and guiding and, of course, some patience! The rewards though will be a lifetime of memories and for many an aching desire to return. For many it is a revelation about Africa and its problems and promise. Many will want to go back, see more and do more.

CKC-Tours-and-TravelThrough our network we have offices and people on the ground in America and East Africa. East Africa Experience offers you the chance of a lifetime at an everyday price. Our partner office is recognized by the Kenya Association of Tour Operators.

Make this the year to Experience East Africa…! Please contact us and I’ll do what we can to offer the right trip for you, your family, your association or your friends.

Marcia Roebuck,

Routes Beyond LLC is a member of various organizations, such as APTA we keep current with the latest situation and developments and of course, we visit the region regularly too!

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